Powered by AI, trained by you

Driven by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5, murai lets you create customized assistants for all your brands sourcing knowledge from data you provide.

Quick start

  • In minutes
  • Coding-free
  • For multiple brands and purposes

Enterprise-grade solution

  • Data source management (internal, external, hybrid)
  • Integrations with your existing data sources
  • Priority support
  • Access to chatbot API

Complete AI support at your fingertips

In a matter of minutes, your business gets an AI hand in handling processes and customers.

  1. Open a workspace
  2. Create a chatbot
  3. Train it with your data and inputs
  4. Monitor, optimize, expand
Start light and accelerate your operations with AI as you grow.

Have data? Deliver it with AI

murai redefines operations in a range of industries and departments. From finance to e-commerce, from HR to customer support and product queries.

Marketing assistant
Create engaging copy and content
Customer support
Delight customers with fast and accurate replies
Sales assistant
Generate more leads and nurture them to closing
Operations assistant
Share information with your team and partners
Community manager
Grow your startup or niche fanbase
HR assistant
Onboard new employees and share company guidelines
Database organizer
Browse internal documentation of large projects
Knowledge base
Source data from brand’s social media and blog posts
And much more …

Make AI work for you, too

Outdo manual data retrieval with AI

Faster operations

Brand-native knowledge sources


Personality choice

Upgradeable knowledge base

Achieve more, serve better, create greater user experiences.

How it works

murai facilitates internal and external data source management and integrates with multiple databases to help businesses make the most of their data.




Lead generation

Customer feedback


Knowledge source

Add your existing product catalogs and provide chat like experience to your customers and marketing department.

Scale with AI as you go

Choose the perfect plan for your brand.


1 workspace

1 chatbot

Limited knowledge base

(1 training file, 1 website)

100 chatbot requests/month


1 workspace

Unlimited chatbots

(10 chatbots included, every additional chatbot 33$/month)

Extended knowledge base

(unlimited training files, unlimited websites)

Unlimited chatbot requests/month

(1000 chatbot requests/month included, every additional request/month $0.01)


Everything from Basic plan

Pro knowledge base

(external API endpoints, external sources, live data)

Pro customization

(customized AI personality, knowledge base tagging)

OCR files processing

(tabular data extraction)

Chatbot API

Integration services

Priority support

Pro services

(e. g., knowledge base building and management)

An answer for every question

Does AI make you scratch your head? Dive into details of murai and AI.